The Counseling team provides bible based, Christ-centered counseling in all areas of Christian life. Overcomers House Counseling Team provides counseling for Pre-marital, Marital, Family and Life Issues.

PLEASE NOTE: As church counselors, we are not professionals, licensed psychologists, or psychiatrists. We simply offer Christian counseling based on the Word of God, and an opportunity for prayer led by the Holy Spirit.


Baby/Child Dedication

Baby/Child Dedication is a special moment when parents, grandparents and guardians/carers make a public declaration of faith to raise their child with God’s wisdom, according to the Bible. This decision shows that you recognize your child is a gift from God and you are committing yourself to be an example of Jesus in their life.



Couples that wish to marry at the church facilities must consider Overcomers House Swindon their home church and complete the premarital preparation classes through our Counseling Ministry. Once completed, the church is able to review the guidelines and provide help in selecting a date.


Hospital Visits

Being in the hospital can be a difficult time for patients and families alike. Our visitation/welfare team is available to visit, pray and come alongside you or your loved one. If you would like to request a hospital visit, please fill out the form below. A team member will be notified and a visit will be scheduled.


Funeral and Memorial Service Support

Losing a loved one is a trying time. If Overcomers House Swindon is your home church, we can help with conducting memorial, funeral or graveside services. For a memorial service or funeral held at a funeral home, a church elder or staff can share an encouraging word or simply be there to provide support, upon request by the family.