Pastor Gabriel Adegboyega

Pastor Gabriel Adegboyega is the Pastor in charge of RCCG Overcomers House, Swindon. He is an ardent teacher of God’s word.

His unwavering belief in the infallible word of God is entrenched in his teachings and God has been faithful to transform lives through his ministry.

As a shepherd of God’s sheep, he finds fulfilment in teaching, admonishing, correcting and leading the flock in his care with love and Godly wisdom.

Pastor Mrs Remi Adegboyega

Pastor Mrs Remi Adegboyega is the Parish mother and the convener of the Praying Mums Forum, a monthly prayer brunch for mothers.

She is a dedicated woman of God with an unquenchable passion for the things of God. As a Certified Mental Health practitioner, Pastor Remi is exceptionally talented in bringing out the best in everyone she comes across and helping people fulfil their God given destiny. She has passion for the women’s ministry and a soft spot for young adults and children. She is married to Pastor Gabriel.

Pastor Kunle Daramola

Pastor Kunle Daramola is the Assistant Pastor of Overcomers House Swindon.

As one of the core, He has passion for prayer and enjoys encouraging others, strengthening them in their faith. Pastor Kunle is passionate about mentoring young people to achieve excellence in all they do. Having been discipled in the RCCG Ministry himself, he is a faithful, tenacious minister of God’s heart.

Deaconess Abiola Daramola

Deaconess Abiola Daramola is the Head of our Children/Teenagers Department.

She is passionate about the wellbeing of children and young people and leads a team of equally passionate volunteers. As a minister in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Deaconess Abi is dedicated to prayer, supporting parents of young children and executing creative ways of engaging and empowering the next generation. She is married to Pastor Kunle.